A domain name is an identification string defining a location on the Internet. The website linked to a domain name is the main gateway to a company as well as an indispensable business card. Since the introduction of a high number of new gTLDs, owners of trademarks and other IP rights are faced with new challenges with regard to protecting their rights.


If your trademark is improperly registered as a domain name by a third party, you can (under certain circumstances) request the forced transfer of the domain name to you. This procedure can be initiated before the appropriate arbitration bodies, but also before the competent courts.




  • Uitwerken van de meest gepaste beschermingsstrategie en het verlenen van juridisch en commercieel advies
  • Doorlopen van de registratieprocedure van uw domeinnaam bij de autoriteiten
  • Beheren van uw domeinnaam portfolio



  • Monitoring of your domain name and/or those of your competitors in order to obtain an up-to-date competitive map of your Internet environment
  • Defence of your interests in case infringement of your IP rights by a third party’s domain name
  • Defence of your interests as part of alternative dispute resolution procedures (ADR) regarding the forced transfer of domain names


Economic optimization

  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements (transfer of rights, licensing, escrow, etc.)