Office Kirkpatrick is, from now on, registered as a service provider for Chèques-entreprises, Chèque Propriété Intellectuelle of the Walloon region.

A patent protects a new and innovative invention in any industry, including agriculture. The invention may relate to a new product, process and/or use, but must have a concrete and technical nature.

Patent protection requires filing an application in the territory where this protection is sought.

A patent gives its holder the right to prevent others from using or exploiting the patented invention in the territory where the patent is valid. A patent also contributes to valorizing R&D efforts, such as by generating revenues through licensing or sales of patent rights, or by attracting investors.




  • Performance of a prior art search and study on whether or not your invention can be patented
  • Preparation of a tailor-made protection strategy that best suits your specific needs and budget
  • Assistance with the preparation of your patent applications, based on a thorough understanding of your business and the relevant technology
  • Representing you before BPO, EPO and WIPO with respect to the various filing procedures, examination of your patent application and subsequent granting and maintenance of your patent.
  • Prosecution of your patent applications in foreign jurisdictions through our network of selected associates



  • Monitoring the patents of your competitors, assessing their validity and preparing a strategy
  • Defence of your interests in case of oppositions
  • Assisting you in cases of infringement, preparing a cease-and-desist letter and conducting negotiations


Economic optimization

  • Examining your freedom to exploit the invention
  • Monitoring & optimizing your patent portfolio: identifying & assessing your intellectual property rights (“audit & due diligence process”)
  • Negotiating and preparing agreements with different parties (non-disclosure, letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, licensing, transfer & assignment, etc.) and carrying out the subsequent registration procedures
  • Conducting a thorough and regular watch to help you monitor patent activity in a certain technical field, for an in-depth knowledge of the activities of your competitors and commercial partners (“IP Watch”)
  • Performing a detailed analysis of the prior art in your technical field and identifying the main trends and technical/commercial opportunities in this field so as to better support and steer your R&D (“IP landscaping”)